Would you like to turn your dreams into a reality?

Many leaders, mentors, and gurus tell you about the power of using Vision Boards so that you can create the life you want.

Cutting some pictures from magazines, creating a collage, and placing them onto a corkboard on your wall or fridge brings the result you become rich, fit, and attract the love of your life.

Sounds easy, right?

When I first heard about vision boards, I thought the same, buy cropping some photos and watch them day after day, the magic happens, and I will attract all my dreams and desires into my life.

However, this is not quite the case.

Vision boards are not magical tools. They don’t attract your dreams and desires overnight, as you can think at first.

In fact, you can use your Vision Board to improve the visual part of your brain. When you put together a collage, place them in front of your eyes, and see it daily, it helps your brain to focus on its goals and subconsciously work in the background for your dreams.

You will realize that things will fall into place, and you start to manifest your wishes.

“You are the author of your life. If you don’t like how it goes, write it differently.”

Iva Kenaz

In this post, you will get to know how a Vision Board manifests the life you desire.


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What is a Vision Board?

A corkboard with flowers an images

The vision board is a visual representation of your desired self, goals, and dreams.

It is usually an A2 or A3 in size corkboard to have enough space for every area of your life where you want to improve. It can contain images, symbols, quotes, poems, and any other text representing something you wish to achieve.


Why is a Vision Board Important?

According to Psychology Today, affirmation, mental rehearsal, and visualization increase motivation, confidence, and performance. Research also reveals that mental practice is almost as effective as an actual physical practice, and it brings the best result if the two are combined. 1

Set your goals, define the action steps towards them, and craft a vision board that increases the chances of achieving them.

When you always see them on your wall, fridge, or office, it reminds you to have targets in your life, aim to wake up and work for. It helps you never lose track of your goals and the necessary action steps and training your mind to look for the solution all the time without your conscious attention.


Types of Vision Boards

A woman is selecting images to her vision board

The category 

  • General Dream board

All areas of your life on one vision board. You can see the “big picture” and where you want to go with your life. It is usually designed to target long-term goals. You can choose this setup when you are not clear about the area in focus, and you would like to feel generally balanced and happy.

Let’s see the 9 different areas of life

    1. Health & Spirituality
    2. Children & Creativity
    3. Love & Marriage & Relationships
    4. Wealth & Prosperity
    5. Family & Rest
    6. Knowledge & Growth
    7. Social Contribution & Travel
    8. Fame & Recognition
    9. Career & Success

A feng shui book

These areas can be found in the Bagua Map used in Western forms of Taoist Feng Shui. Feng shui uses energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment, and the Bagua represents the fundamental principles of reality.

If you find a balance between these 9 areas of your life, it will lead you to a happy, harmonious life.


  • Thematic Vision Board

One specific dream project or one life area in focus. So your vision board can only be about one area of your life, for example, your fitness/meal targets on your fridge, a family/romantic relationship board close to your bed, or a work/business goal board behind your laptop in your office. Or can be about a project, like a holiday or changing your job.

Create a specific thematic goal board when you would like to grow in one particular area of your life and give more attention to it.


The method

A bedroom with a vision board on the wall

This handmade option is the most effective. As you carefully craft your dream board, by selecting, cutting, and touching the right pictures, so more of your senses are involved, it helps you imagine your desires more accurately and become more attached to your goals.

Check out some creative vision boards here. 


  • Digital Board

You can use PowerPoint, or any Collage Maker App like Canva. It is easier than handmade, as you can download the images and easily crop them on your PC to create your collage.

Here are some Digital Apps you can try out:

Mind Movies: Get access to Mind Movies so you can learn from the most influential scientists and thinkers in the world.

Canva: Easily design your dream board with the help of templates.

iWish: Get inspired by more than 1200 ideas to craft your dream board.

Visuapp: Create your vision board, gratitude diary, or feng-shui board with this App.

On the one hand, you may find more suitable pictures and more ideas to create a collage, but on the other hand, you use fewer senses and make it less carefully, so you are less attached to your goals.


How does a Vision Board Really DO WORK?

A womab arranging her motivational board


Visual boards are more effective if, in addition to imagining your goals and dreams, you are even visualizing and planning the process itself, the path to results. Concrete ideas and carefully planned steps are more workable.

Let’s say you wish to be more fit. First, you think to cut an image with a fitness model and stick it on your board. But it is not enough. Ask yourself, “how do I get there to become a more trained version of myself?” Could this mean that you have to run or train at home four times a week? Imagine actions that lead to the result and stick pictures that point to them. Maybe a confident smiling fit person, or one who is training hard or eating healthy.

Let’s say you want to become wealthy. Would you just cut a bundle of money and stick it on your dream board? But is it really mean to you? Think. Money? Or do you instead want to enjoy the freedom and travel, the extra time spent with your family and hobbies, the properties you can buy? What it is you want from money? Choose an image that represents wealth for you. Maybe a person who travels, spending time with hobbies, reading a book, having expensive items.

It is also essential to create your personal vision board, don’t download others’ wishes.

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How does a Vision Board NOT WORK?

A wall with photos

Collecting images and writing affirmations can be beneficial. It helps us set our goals, define those areas we want to move forward, and organize our thoughts. If we don’t know how to use our vision board correctly, it can be detrimental and cause disappointment.

Studies 3 show among athletes that those who merely visualized their results performed worse. The control group performed better, who imagined the action need to be taken towards their goals. They accomplished more when they envisioned themselves working out daily instead of winning.

Those people who confuse and think it works just watching those pictures, with the results, are not achieving their dreams. Daydreaming and fantasy are not enough.

To create the things you want in your life requires focus and attention. Imagine your goals, but with the feeling and satisfaction that you are already that future person, you already have all the things you wish. Imagine that you are already there. Open your eyes and mind to possibilities. Take action when it is necessary.

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Final Thoughts on How a Vision Board Create the Life you want

Vision Boards work best when you:

  1. Visualize your final targets and desires, and plan the path leads there.
  2. Craft your vision board by choosing and cutting images.
  3. Surround yourself with these pictures.
  4. Attach feelings and give attention to your visualized goals
  5. Take action according to your plan.
  6. Believe in yourself that you have arrived there. You are already that desired person.

It is called manifestation that the things you desire fall into place.

It’s not about creating a new self; it’s about aligning with the self for which you are meant to be.



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Has it ever happened that your Vision Board didn’t work out for you? Let us know in the comments below.