Would you like to know how can you create a Vision Board that brings the desired results?

Creating a vision board, also called a dream board, motivation board, action board, mood board, and so on,  is a creative process. It is a collage of images, photos, quotes, symbols that inspires you to concentrate your attention on your goals and take action to achieve them.

People are able to display objects, events, and scenes, called mental images, even when these are not actually present to our senses. 1 Most people are also able to see words as a series of pictures called visual thinking. 2 These mental images help us visualize our future dreams ahead of time and imagine the necessary steps to reach them.

“Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow that you want.”

Ken Poirot

You probably have heard that many successful entrepreneurs and spiritual gurus use Vision Boards as a powerful tool to pursue their dreams and focus on their goals.

Let’s see how you can do the same.

In today’s post, you will learn how you can create your Vision Board step-by-step.


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Handmade or Digital Vision Board is the better method?

A woman creates digital and handmade vision board too


Handmade Vision Boards

Creating a collage manually is the more efficient method.

Studies 3 show that when you describe things or create handicrafts, it activates more brain regions than typing or digital crafting and helps you keep information.

As you carefully craft your dream board, by selecting, cutting, and holding in your hand the chosen images, attaching them to a corkboard, and reviewing it on your wall daily, more of your senses are involved. It helps you imagine your desires more accurately and become more attached to your goals.


Digital Motivational Boards

Creating a digital dream board is an easier method because you just download the selected images, simply crop and edit them with a digital device or online application.

It’s also eco-friendly and cost-effective, as you don’t have to buy magazines and materials or print pictures. You can find more relevant images and more ideas than in magazines.

On the other hand, you use fewer senses to make the montage and do it with less care, so you are often less attached to your goals.

There are plenty of digital programs to help you create your dream board. You can use PowerPoint or any collage application such as Canva. Check out these:

Canva: You can easily design your motivational board using templates. You don’t have to be a graphic designer; this program is beginner-friendly and has a free version. You can use it on your phone, desktop, and tablet.

iWish: Get inspired by over 1,200 ideas for making your dream board.

Visuapp: Use this app to create your view board, thank you diary, or feng shui board.

Mind Movies: Get access to Mind Movies to learn from the world’s most influential scientists and thinkers how you can create with the power of your mind.


How to Create Your Own Vision Board

A woman crafts


It will take a couple of hours to design your Vision Board.

Be sure you block out enough time to complete all the steps and grab a cup of coffee or tea to be even more enjoyable!

To get even more excited, you can get John Assaraf’s book- The Complete Vision Board Kit. 4 His book is a true inspiration on how to manifest all that you desire with vision boards’ help. You can get motivated by his own and others’ success stories.

Now let’s see the steps 1 by 1.


Step 1: Set Up Clear Goals

Write a list of your goals

Setting goals is the hardest part of making a vision board. This step should not be missed before immersing yourself in the creative part by selecting images and creating a collage.

Ask yourself. What are your goals? How would you imagine your ideal life?

Most people have no clear purpose; they don’t determine where they want to go with their lives. Most often, they only imagine the goals and dreams of others as if they were theirs.

Take the time to think carefully and figure out what is most important to you, how you envision the ideal life. Don’t listen to your surroundings, social pressures, don’t think about your age, and you can even ignore “reality”. A dream board can be full of crazy and unrealistic-looking ideas and pictures. You set your limits, no one else.

For this step, you can use the help of Bagua Map as a compass, based on 9 general areas of life:

  1. Health & Spirituality
  2. Children & Creativity
  3. Love & Marriage & Relationships
  4. Wealth & Prosperity
  5. Family & Rest
  6. Knowledge & Growth
  7. Social Contribution & Travel
  8. Fame & Recognition
  9. Career & Success

The list is not in order of importance. It is up to you to decide what your priorities are.

Are you satisfied, or do you want to see some change in any area?

There are probably segments where you are on the right track. There are other areas where you are not happy with yourself, where you can find growth opportunities.

Make a list of essential things, manually or digitally, that only come to mind, but only those that resonate with you. And remember, there are no crazy ideas right now!


Step 2: Collect Materials and Inspiration

a man with a bunch of photos

Now that you’ve defined your goals and ideal life, it’s time to move on to the fun part.

Gather all the necessary materials:

  1. Magazines, catalogs, postcards, old photos, textures, and any symbol that represents its purpose. Download images for personal use, print them or create a digital collage.
  1. Get a large corkboard, the bigger, the better. But you can also use your wall, refrigerator, or cardboard. The corkboard is the best solution because you can replace the images, update your board at any time.
  1. Look for scissors, markers, crayons, glue, pins, magnets, everything you will use to capture the images.
  1. You can use other decorations such as ribbons, flowers, leaves, stones, and stickers if they fit into your montage.
  1. If words inspire you more than colors, pictures, and patterns, simply collect more motivational quotes, poems, affirmations, or any comments, that provoke emotions out of you.


Step 3: Choose a Vision Board Category

A woman is staring her goal board

  • General dream board: to create general goals and harmony. You should attach at least 1 picture or symbol to your board for all 9 areas of life.
  • Thematic motivation board: if you have a specific goal or project to target. For example, you want to lose weight, so create a fitness motivational collage and most preferably place it on your fridge or kitchen wall. Or you want to change your job, so design a goal board around your career and put it in your office.


Step 4: Cutting the Images and Choose Decoration you Wish to Use

A corkboard with decoration needed


Now that you have all the materials, goals you have set, and chosen a vision board category, let’s start the game. Take the notes in front of you and use them as a checklist.


  • How to select images?

Try to choose vivid, attractive, and bright images so that your vision board regularly catches your attention.

Studies 5 show that among athletes, those who merely visualized their results performed worse. The control group performed better, imagining that action should be taken to achieve the goals. They achieved more when they imagined themselves working for their purposes on a daily basis rather than winning.

It means that it works better if you imagine yourself taking the necessary steps and working towards your goals rather than visualizing the result itself. Let’s see some examples:

 Fitness Goals: If you want to be fit, instead of choosing a picture of a fitness model, choose a person who moves hard, eats healthily, feels happy and confident every day because that’s how you want to reach your goal.

Wealth Objectives: Instead of gluing a picture with a lot of money, first think about what you want from the money? Freedom or security? Define and choose images representing this, such as a homeowner, a lottery winner or a happy and relaxed person working from home, or just about to make a business deal in a meeting. How do you envision getting rich?


  • Outlining

First, outline on your cardboard or corkboard how you want to divide the available space. Where do you want to place your business-related images, pictures of your relationship, self-improvement, children, hobbies, travel dreams, fitness goals, meal plans, getting rich, and more.

If you decide to create a general dream board, divide your board into 9 sections according to the 9 life areas to get a frame. There must be at least 1 element in each of the 9 parts of the board. The less, the better, because the brain cannot concentrate on too many items at once. Focus only on the images and quotes that evoke the most emotion in you.


  • Crafting

It’s time to cut out the collected pieces. Now try to cut out more than you will eventually use. If you already have 30-40 images, words, affirmations, quotes, scenes, but at least 1 representing each area of ​​life, you can start arranging them.

Some people can only imagine and experience their possible future with emotion if they imagine themselves there. In this case, it may be easier to identify with the images placed on the vision board by replacing the heads of the selected characters with your own head, which you cut out of your personal photos.

Start placing your pictures on the board. Just play with them and arrange them in the way you like best. Try several combinations before you start to attach them together.

Then glue, stick, fix them to the corkboard.

Add a few poems, affirmations, short power words (like gratitude, fun, joy, strength, freedom, etc.) and place motivational quotes on the board.

Decorate with flowers, stickers, ribbons, anything that adds extra emotion.

Tip! Write the date on your board or the back of the board. It’s an excellent way to track your progress, find out where you were then and where you are now. You can later reflect on your goals, which have been achieved, which need to be adjusted.


Step 5: Find the Right Place for your Vision Board

A person work on desktop, in the background is a notice board

Surround yourself with these images to keep you reminded of your dreams.

To make your vision board alive and all your desires come true, look for a special place in a highly noticeable area where you can see it daily. Think about the place where you most like to stay in your home. If you want to cook, the kitchen is probably the place. If you work in a home office, it’s best to place somewhere around it.

In case you have decided to create a thematic motivation board or project board, place it in a location related to it. Your healthy eating plans will fit better on your fridge or kitchen wall, your romantic relationship goals in the bedroom, and your career goals in the office.

If you are editing a digital vision board, you can place it as a background for your desktop or phone home screen. The point is to be in a place where you can see it regularly and remind you of your future goals.


Step 6: Feel your Dreams to Manifest

A woman dreams about her goals

Make a daily habit of reviewing these images, quotes, and messages, at least once, but the more times, the better. Build it into your morning and night routine to review your goals again, immediately after waking up while drinking your morning coffee or tea and before going to bed.

Spend some time on this:

Look at your dream board and imagine that you are the person who has already reached their dreams and feeling fantastic and satisfied.

It will help you strengthen your desires towards your goals day by day. As you look at and attach emotions to these images and symbols and read words, quotes, affirmations, it activates the visual and emotional part of your brain, looking for opportunities you would otherwise ignore.

It also helps you make better decisions as it reminds you of your priorities, making you more willing to “say no” to unwanted things and take steps to make your dreams come true. Better decisions also lead to better results.


New things can be scary at first, causing resistance and stress. However, when you regularly look at these images related to your goals, your brain is no longer stressed, and you don’t see them as new. 6

How to take the necessary actions? Here you can read about the 6 Steps Guide of Weekly Planning to learn how to organize your week and how to act towards your goals.


Step 7: Reflect and Update your Action Board Regularly

A laptop and a newspaper

Rethink and update your goals from time to time, at least quarterly. If you miss this step, you may not see that if you have achieved something great that you wanted. Because you forget it after a while, or because it doesn’t look like you thought it would.


  • Regularly update your General dream board if you have already achieved one or more goals or if your life has turned in a different direction, so the original destination no longer makes sense.
  • Create a new board when you have completed your goal on the project board or achieve your desired thematic motivation board. Find another project or area you can focus on.


Take the time to reflect on your goals, and if you achieve something, it’s time to stop, notice, and celebrate! Enjoy when the vision board has finally paid off.


Final Thoughts on Creating a Vision Board

A young lady craft her action board

To wrap up, here are the 7 Steps again:

Step 1: Set Up Clear Goals
Step 2: Collect Materials and Inspiration
Step 3: Choose a Vision Board Category
Step 4: Cutting the Images and Choose Decoration you Wish to Use
Step 5: Find the Right Place for your Vision Board
Step 6: Feel your Dreams to Manifest
Step 7: Reflect and Update your Action Board Regularly

Vision Boards are powerful tools to inspire you to gain focus. However, don’t magically change your life as you still need to act and move towards your goals.

What is your first action? Get started to create your Vision Board now!


Would you like to know more about vision boards? Read our previous post, How a Vision Board Creating the Life you Want.



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